About OMR

O.M.R. aims at enable young and old musicians, professional and amateur, to perform in public in good conditions. In a cordial and rigorous atmosphere, musicians share their passion for music around large scale quality projects.

Philippe LEGRAND

Philippe LeGrandProfessor at Agrocampus-University of Rennes and director of the laboratory of Human Biochemistry Nutrition, Philippe Legrand did not have to choose between the science and music. Pianist, he took a taste to music ensemble to the Mastery of Rennes Cathedral. He created the vocal and instrumental ensemble “Jubilate” before being recruited to lead The Orchestra University of Rennes from 1990 to 2012. He offered to the musicians and to the public a repertoire mainly romantic. He invited many soloists and collaborated with several Rennes choirs for works of sacred music. With O.M.R. Philippe Legrand defines his conducting as “vector of classical music to all”.