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OMR Pacé 2019Great amateur musicians, professionals, high school conservatories all parts, you want to play in orchestra? The Metropolitan Orchestra of Rennes recruits!

You want to join a good, friendly and dynamic orchestra that deals with all types of repertoire and quality artistic projects? Do not hesitate to read more!

If some parts are still open to recruitment (violas, double bass, horns, …), others are often complete (flute, clarinets, cellos …) and it is unfortunately not possible for us to welcome everyone because of the size of our rehearsal room, our concert halls and especially for the balance between parts.

Our entry requirements are as follows:

  • To join the orchestra, a level of 2nd conservatory cycle is a minimum. As for winds generally “soloist”, it will be necessary to ensure the adequacy to our needs.
  • There is no pre-hearing, however a repeat test is the most efficient, we put in place a trial period to verify that our working methods and our musical expectations are compatible.
  • Once integrated, we ask a strong assiduity to the rehearsals and the concerts as well as an implication in the life of the orchestra
  • We give between 4 and 6 concerts a year often organized by projects. You can find the whole directory previously played on the site in the archives.
  • We usually rehearse all Thursdays evening from 8pm to 11pm in the room of the Plain de Baud in Rennes (rehearsals grouped and not weekly repetitions) and sometimes a few weekends.
  • We often perform general rehearsals in the place of the concert (church, concert hall, etc ..) at sometimes different dates

We are an association law 1901. The annual subscription is 30€. This contribution will be requested during the final integration and will not be returned in case of resignation.

The integration is done at the start of a project-concert.

  • We have the particularity of mixing in our seasons works and composers known or less known, different eras to play, solo orchestral works, soloists works or with choral musicians.
  • People of the orchestra mix great amateurs, professionals and high students of the conservatory.

All the parts are not open to application, but an answer to each will be provided.

For any application, contact us either by email, by the Facebook page (, by email or by phone:
tel: 06 60 88 92 35